The Assessors Office is responsible for creating and maintaining property ownership maps within Lincoln County, we currently have approximately 32,000 mapped parcels that are constantly being changed due to property being surveyed or subdivided.

In 2004 the County Assessors Office converted all the hard copy mylar maps to a computerized mapping system called a GIS system. GIS stands for Geographic Information System, the uses of GIS have proven to be a huge benefit to the Assessors Office and to businesses that use mapping on a day to day basis. With the GIS system in place it has made it easier to generate data for modeling construction projects, finding parcel information within certain districts, or certain radiuses of a road, subdivision, city, etc. We have just scratched the surface with using it’s total potential.

We currently have a WebGIS site for the public to use at their convenience; the data is regularly updated with any new changes or corrections. The response has been very favorable since its inception, and our overall in office traffic has been cut down due to the information being available at your personal station or home. The web address for the website is listed below:

There is a disclaimer notice on our website to acknowledge that the maps are not to be used for accurate placement of property line ownwership, these line placements are essentially used for tax assessment purposes only. If you notice an error with the placement of a property line, please contact our office (636) 528-6300 ext 2235. If you should need an accurate placement or measurement of your property line, we recommend that you contact a registered surveyor to help with that question.

Hard copy maps are available in the Lincoln County Assessors Office

36″ x 36″ – $20.00
City Maps-$20.00 (Ranging in sizes from 36x 36″ to 36″ x 48″)